May 25, 2012

The "20's" and our anatomy scan

We have:

Four perfect little heads,

Eight perfect little arms with forty fingers,
Four perfect little beating hearts,

 Four perfect little spines,

Eight perfect little legs,

 Eight perfect little feet with forty toes,

the sum of these parts are four 
perfect little babies

made to perfection by God & loved by their 
mom & dad.

We are so in love with our little munchkins and can't wait to meet all of them! This week flew by and we have officially entered the "20's"! I feel like we have now rounded second base. From now until week 28 we will be making the stretch from second base to third. Then onto home base until week 32 and then after that each day will be a celebration at home plate after a grand slam. We are getting closer and closer and the anticipation of loving on them is building each day. In the last two weeks I have felt these babies come alive and they are moving all over. I love it and it has to be my very favorite thing about being pregnant. Paul felt the first baby move last night. I think Baby D was thanking his daddy for taking his mommy out on a fabulous date night! 

I want to thank everyone for their support last week. It was just one of those weeks and after I put it into words and admitted my fears I could face them head on. I am asked many times a day how I am feeling and for being twenty weeks with quads I can't really complain compared to my other pregnancies. Occasional back ache, round ligament stretching, getting up to the bathroom more times a night than I can count and just being plain exhausted most of the time would be on my list of biggest complaints but now that the nausea is completely gone day to day life is that of a full term pregnant person with a little more sleep. 

We had our doctors appointment on Tuesday which included lying on a table for two hours in a dark room so each baby could have their moment of fame on ultrasound. It was a long two hours only because it was nap time and I really do think I was falling asleep at times and I know Paul was because I was watching his head bop up and down! In the end we had a great report that all the babies parts were as expected and appeared normal. There were no evidence of clefts or other anomalies. We also got our first official weight on each baby and they weighed in at 10oz, 11oz, 12oz, & 11oz. These weights have them falling into the 35-76% for a singleton. I asked if we need to worry about the smallest one and the doctor laughed & said, "these are percentiles for singletons, they don't have charts for quads so they are all doing fabulous". We then moved onto how I was doing and the good old cervix. I actually got a "I can't believe how well you are doing" from the doctor and that was all I needed! Another week down without restrictions and I couldn't be happier. My blood pressure still remains low which will be watched closely throughout the remaining of the pregnancy and my weight is finally going up like it should. I gained 10lbs in three weeks so now up 23lbs for the pregnancy. Still hard to see that number on the scale but I also know its going to get a lot higher over the next 12 weeks. Thank God for plastic surgeons!!

I have to share a cute little story from Wednesday. We had to go pick up Paul's new work truck about two hours away from home. After pretty much being in the car for four hours the kids and I were ready to get out. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a couple of things for dinner. On the way into the store a lady kept looking at me. One of those moments when you are trying to figure out if you know them and I knew I didn't. She came up to me with a smile on her face and commented that I was the busiest person she had seen all day. Thank goodness my kids were actually behaving themselves and all just standing holding hands at that moment. I was thinking to myself if only she knew the whole story. So I told her thank you and was ready to continue picking up our groceries. She then pointed to my belly and asked if we were having a boy or girl. I now got a huge smile on my face and said we don't know but we are having four babies. The love her face showed was amazing. She congratulated us and said, "I now know you ARE the busiest mom I know." It was one of those moments that God gave me to tell me that what we are doing is all in His plans and we are not crazy. We will be busy but we will have seven little people to love unconditionally for the rest of our lives.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend of bbq's, boating or just staying dry if you live in MN! We will be busy, or I should say Paul, expanding the nursery. SO excited to get this project done because we can then start preparing their nursery! 

Week 20: Momma and babies


  1. Oh such a blessing, thank you for your update. Four perfect little babies - I'm so excited for you and Paul!! You look amazing, keep up the good work busy mama. xo Cinda

  2. Hello frrom Orlando fl . Ive been following your blog for a while now . Im so very happy that your doing so good keep up the good work and eat , eat eat . Im a quad blogger adict . Ill keep you in my prays that you continue to stay at home with your family and continue on ward to 32 weeks .

  3. Fantastic news that you and the quads are doing well! I continue to pray for you and the quads to get to the magic 32 weeks and beyond!

    You look fantastic!

  4. Cary and Judie GoergenMay 28, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Krista & Paul, I have been following your blog since your mom & dad told us your great news! We have been so happy for you and now am overjoyed to hear about the wonderful "Perfectness" of your 20 week scan. Truly a blessing and a vision of the miracles to come. Continue onward doing the great job you both are doing and know that MN is praying and cheering for you and all your "Littles"


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