April 06, 2012

Made it to the second trimester!

I had my first official ob appointment yesterday and it went great. All the kids continue to do fabulous and are all measuring within a couple days of each other. Since it is a tad difficult to listen for each kiddos heartbeat with a doppler, there's only five heartbeats inside me right now but whose counting, I got to have another peak with ultrasound. It is amazing how much they have grown in two weeks. Per my baby book they are approximately 3 inches from crown to rump and about 2/3 of an ounce. They also looked much less skeleton this time because their ears and eyes have moved into the correct position. Can you believe that their kidneys are already secreting urine into the bladder and the liver is making bile? It always blows me away what a miracle pregnancy is. Baby A, B, & D were busy moving all around and Baby C was asleep the entire time. During the ultrasound I couldn't stop smiling and giggling because it is so surreal to see what is going on in my tummy. It truly feels like everything I see on the screen should be occurring in someone else's womb. How can it really be me that is pregnant with quads? I left my appointment saying to myself, "I am pregnant with four babies." It was as if it finally hit me and I was filled with joy. It was a great feeling!

This appointment is when they usually run the first trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities. They usually run a blood test and check the nuchal folds on the babies necks but because of how many babies there are the serum test is not accurate. We have never had prenatal testing done with any of our pregnancies and so we again declined any further testing and the measuring of their nuchal folds. If God gives us a child that is blessed with an extra 21st chromosome we will love them no differently than any of our other children.

During my appointment I finally got the correct date as far as the number of weeks that I am. I had always believed that my date should change on Fridays but the fertility clinic kept changing it so I stuck with the last day of Monday that they had given me. Well my ob cleared it up and I am officially 13 weeks today. I am in the second trimester!! This isn't that big of deal now but as I get farther along four days means a world of difference. We will have our first high five, cartwheel, hip hip hooray party when I turn 28 weeks. Okay maybe Paul will have to do the cartwheel since I will be larger than a full termer and on bed rest but it will be a big milestone. The chances of survival are much greater after 28 weeks. Then comes 30 weeks and an even greater party with Paul doing a triple sow cow (have no idea how to spell that!). Thirty weeks increases the survival rate even more and this is when each day means something. Each day past thirty weeks is three less days in the NICU for the babies. So four days greater along could mean 12 less days in the NICU. That is almost two weeks. A huge amount of time. Our last party and we will invite everyone for a catered meal in my hospital room is week 32. A goal I would love to beat by many days. These babies can come after this week and should do okay after some time in the NICU. Any extra days after week 32 will hopefully just mean less NICU time. My personal goal and I am saying this very quietly so not to jinx myself is week 34 but don't let these kiddos know that, don't want them pulling any funny jokes on their momma.

I am also going to quietly whisper that the vomiting has not occurred in the last four days. Yahoo!!! Still nauseous but it is so nice not worrying if what I am eating is going to come back up. I have also occasionally felt the first little flutters of these munchkins and I love it. There is nothing better for this mommy than to feel the kicks of her babies. I will probably change this tune in a couple of months and you can all remind me how much I love being a human punching bag.

Thank you for all the continued prayers and all the support that has been poured out to us. Everyone has been so amazing and we are so blessed. We ask you to say a little extra prayer this week for our friends the Herrington's who are in currently in Ukraine bringing their forever daughter, Olivia, home. Olivia sports an extra 21st chromosome and has lived ALL 14 months of her life in an orphanage. No one has ever come to visit her in the 14 months she has been there. For the first time in her life Olivia is learning what love means from a mommy and daddy. Please pray that everything continues to go well so that they can bring Olivia home to their other five beautiful children.


  1. Love this! I always get so excited to read of the newest adventures you are going through! I pray for you daily!

    I am also going to be praying for your friends... I looked around their blog for a bit, and I see that one of the blogs she follows is 'No Greater Joy Mom'... I have been following her blog for about a year now - amazing story/ amazing woman... you should check her out!

    Lots of love!
    The Jacksons

    1. Ang I know her blog very well. I need to link up other blogs I follow to mine but haven't figured out how to yet. There is another blog I love 'enjoying the small things'. These woman/families are amazing and I am a better mom by following them. I love the blogging world. Thank you for the prayers!

  2. Hello! I am Amber's mom - I am so amazed at the number of quad moms around and want you to know I will add my prayers to those of others who are cheering you on!!

    1. Thank you Linda. It was so nice reading Amber's blog last night. I stayed up way too late for this tired momma! I pray that Amber's hospital time is long but the time goes quickly. It sounds like you have been an amazing support for Amber and she is so lucky to have you.


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