March 16, 2012

Week 9 almost complete!

Well the reality of having quads has started to set in. I think I will get truly excited once we see the kiddos again and once I start feeling them move around in my tummy! And talking about my tummy, I can't believe how much it grows with each day. Sometimes when I get home from work Natalie's first comment is "whoa mommy, big tummy"! Nothing like a three year old's honesty. The nausea has been under control with medications. Still have a hard time eating and as far as getting 4,000 calories in each day, not even close. That's something I really need to improve on so I can get these babes nice and chubby. Exhaustion is the killer these days. Even a load of laundry seems overwhelming. The last two days have been rough. I have felt like I was hit by a school bus, no appetite, nausea that has not let up even with meds and the urgency to pee that sends me running. This afternoon I started putting all my symptoms together and as every good nurse does, diagnosed myself with a bladder infection. A call to my ob, a urine analysis, and a prescription should hopefully make tomorrow a much better day. And if I wasn't sure I had a bladder infection I confirmed it tonight when throwing up I was peeing my pants at the same time...the pure joys of pregnancy! 

Enough about me and now for the love my little girls have for their siblings. Last Sunday evening we got a sitter and headed over to my parents for some adult time with my sister, her boyfriend, my cousin and his wife. We had a wonderful time even though I don't think Paul remembers much of the later part of the night! Natalie woke when we got home so I went to tuck her in and told her she could go back to sleep because mommy and daddy where home. She responded, "and the babies"? I told her yes they were home too and she said "okay, good night". I then went to carry Aubrey to bed who had fallen asleep in our room. As I laid her down she turned and rubbed my belly and said, "Good night babies". Oh how I love my girls. They are so excited to be big sisters again. Drew also spends time each day lifting up my shirt and giving the babies hugs and kisses.

 I still can not believe we will be parents to four more kiddos! How amazing is that? We will be meeting with the high risk ob on Monday and will get another ultrasound. We are very excited for this appointment because we have lots of questions that we can't wait to have answered. And since I am a little bit of a planner (insert wink here!) I will be happy to have somewhat of plan laid out. Now all I need is for my body to do its job! If any of you have a question you would like me to answer feel free to leave it on the comment section and I will answer it. See you all on Monday for an ultrasound update!

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