March 19, 2012

Week 10 ultrasound and still only four babies!!

Conversation I had with Natalie after our appointment:
N: How many babies in your tummy today mommy?
M: Still four.
N: Oh okay (with a sound of disappointment)
M: Is that okay?
N: Yay that will be okay.

Let me tell you how relieved I was to only see four babies today! We had a wonderful appointment  and all the babies are doing great. We got back to the ultrasound room and right away the tech congratulated us. It was so nice to have people actually look us in the eye and be happy for us. So different than two weeks ago at the fertility clinic. For the first time in two weeks I didn't feel alone and like I was infected with a parasite but instead was taking care of four little miracles. I needed this more than I had realized. As soon as the tech put the wand on my belly all four babes were right there. The were stacked two across and two wide. They looked like they were all in bunk beds. They are approximately one inch long (a kumquat in size). As soon as we saw all four I quickly asked if they all still had heartbeats. All week I was telling myself that I would be okay if one had passed but today when I asked that question I held my breath because it took the tech a minute to find all the heartbeats. I was nervous that one wouldn't have one and it was in this moment that I realized I wanted all four babies to make it because they are ours. All four had great heartbeats with rates between 158-171!

All the kiddos were moving around and doing flips and it was so neat to see them looking like mexican jumping beans. They have little arms and legs, the head is huge which makes them look like skeletons, their yolk saks are all disappearing as the placentas are taking over. All four have their own placentas and it looks like we have four fraternal siblings taking up my space. The girls are faternal and I love that they have their own personalities and their own looks. They are their own person and I am glad the quads can each be their own person too.

After the tech was done with all her measurements the doctor came in and scanned me too. He then needed to check my cervix which I will explain in a minute. After this was done we met with the doctor and I was able to ask my two pages of questions. I love the doctor I had today and felt so taken care of. He didn't rush me and answered all the questions we had. The perinatalogist office has four doctors and we could be seen by any of them and we will not know who will deliver us until the day it is decided I need to have the babies. I am okay with this because they all have lots of experience.

I am going to review some of the questions I had and the answers that were given to us to give you the same information that Paul and I have:

How long can I work?
Working will be based on how I am feeling. Anytime that I say I am done they will take me out. If things are going well then they would let me work til 20-22 weeks. I only worked til 17 weeks with the twins and I will not push it. I will listen to my body because it is not worth risking these babies to work a couple extra weeks.

What does my diet need to be made up of (protein, fats, carbs)?
I will be meeting with a nutritionist that will help me with diet but for now the babies are only an inch long so I don't need to be eating a milkshake every hour to get my calories in. I need to eat a balanced diet and eat small snacks every couple of hours. I am also suppose to get ensure drinks to help with the calories. The doctor told Paul that if I don't like vanilla don't buy it but if I like chocolate buy it by the cases.

Can I occasionally have sushi?
He was the wrong doctor to ask because he doesn't like sushi but no because its not worth the risk of bacteria. Darn if he would have said yes that would have been dinner!!

I have Von Willebrands disease and had bleeding issues after the twins, what is the plan to avoid this?
I will be meeting with a hematologist to make a plan. Good chance of bleeding issues again since I have twice as many babies but should be okay through delivery but may have the problem in the week after the babies are born.

Will I need a cerclage (cervix stitched closed to prevent dilation of my cervix)?
We had a long discussion on this today. My cervix was long and closed today which is how we want it. Once it gets below 2.4 it is very concerning. My cervix will be watched very closely throughout the pregnancy. Today we were greater than 4. At this point he does not want to do a prophylactic cerclage because of my history with carrying the twins to term with no preterm labor or dilating. He said you are born with a certain type of cervix and that is not going to change. It could shorten at anytime and a cerclage could be in my future but for now it is not needed.

Can I see the chiropractor and get massages?
Yes as long as they are experienced in prenatal massages and treatments. My chiropractor has worked on a mom of quads last year so I can't wait to get back to him.

When to expect hospital bed rest?
He can't tell me exactly and can't compare with other quad moms because every ones body handles high order multiples differently. Preterm labor and shortening of my cervix can lead to hospital bed rest. He said to be honest to expect it between 24-28 weeks.

When will the babies get steroids for lung development?
Will be based on when I am first hospitalized. Each doctor in the practice has different views but once I start having issues they will think about the steroids. I will be pushing for these sooner rather than later.

We do NOT want to know the sexes, can this be placed on the front of the chart?
Yes. The doctor and tech both said this was going to be so much fun not knowing. I doubt there are too many quad parents that don't find out the sexes!

What is my risk of having pupps again (severe itching on stomach, arms and thighs)?
High. So not excited. This was the worst part of my pregnancy with the girls. This was the worst news I had all day.

We are going to Disneyland in about four weeks. Is it okay to go?
Yes as long as I rent a scooter. Can you just see Paul pushing our triple stroller and me driving next to him pregnant, riding a scooter? Oh the fun we will have!

If you made it this far you are awesome. Today was a great day and an emotional weight has been lifted. We have a very long road to go but for today everything looks good. We continue to ask for your prayers for the me and the babies. Paul also should have a job interview on Friday so we also ask for prayers for him so that stress can be lifted off of us. Thank you for everyone for the amazing support we have received in the last four weeks. It has meant so much to our whole family.

Pictures from the ultrasound will be posted tomorrow. I'm exhausted and need to go to bed!


  1. Oh my gosh Krista!!! I have tears streaming down my face! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. I can't wait to follow along on your incredible journey and meet these amazing littles! Where will we all fit at music in a couple months:) I will keep praying like crazy for you guys!

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  2. Congrats congrats! Thank you for the update, you are such a positive and strong woman Krista. I have to say the vision of you and your family at Disneyland made me smile. :) You and your entire family are in my prayers. Keep up the good work mama! Love, Cinda


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