March 24, 2012

Come on Week 11

It has only taken me five extra days to post the ultrasound pictures from last week! If I wouldn't spend so much time sleeping these days I could get so much done. This week hasn't been awful except I have been vomiting this past week but am now done with my course of antibiotics and hoping the vomiting was because of those darn pills. I am praying that I find a great deal of energy and food cravings heading into the second trimester. A lady can hope! I did take the kids out for lunch today, because daddy was working and I despise cooking these days, and found a new favorite!! An Itialian BMT, toasted of course, with extra pickles. It was so yummy and may have to do that one again very soon. It was loaded with lots of southwest chipotle sauce, cheese and olives to give those babies some fat. 

We have started to talk more about these babies actually joining our family this week which has been fun. When people congratulate me I can now say thank you with a smile on my face unlike the previous weeks where I just kind of stumbled through a thank you.I also think I am going to do the babies room with grays and white as the main theme with color added in through pictures, a rug, and bedding. I so want a wall with alternating gray/white strips. Paul is not excited to try and cover the red paint currently in that room with white. My response, "You'll figure it out!" The nursery will be right off our living room so I don't want it to yell baby. Okay maybe four cribs, a changing table, a rocker may scream baby all on its own! I will fill you in more on the nursery as we actually get started on the room. 

As far as names we are pretty much set with the boys. We even have a fifth boy name picked out but are very fine if one doesn't ever get used. I don't think we will pick a #1, #2 favorite encase we only have one or two boys. Instead we will take all five into consideration when we take a look at these young men and decide what fits them the best. So once these kiddos are here it may be a little while before they have a name besides gummy a, b, c & d. And if we have more than one girl we are in trouble! We have one girl name that I am in love with and other than that nothing, squat and not even any runner ups. Good thing we have a couple months to go. 

Okay now for the pictures of my love bugs!!

Bunk beds!! Gummy A bottom left, C top left, D top right, B bottom right

Baby C (top) Love seeing his left arm waving and his legs up in the air.

Baby on the right (no idea which one it is!) rubbing his eyes.

Mommy's belly at 8 weeks


  1. Wow Krista I think its so cool you're doing this. You guys are amazing. Theses pictures are great although you need a newer one of you, you look way to thin for having 4 babies developed as much as they are in that little belly of yours :) congrats I wish you and your family all the best

  2. Just found your blog today! I'm a mama of quadruplet boys who are now FIVE. (I'm still in denial!) Just wanted to let you know that I'll be rooting for you and praying also! Hoping you coast into the 2nd trimester! I would be happy to be a resource/sounding board/friend as you continue into this "unique" experience. =) You can find my contact info and blog at

  3. I found your blog today through Steece's Pieces. Congrats on your amazing blessing of 4 babies. I obviously don't know you or have multiples , but I look forward to following you on this adventure. I appreciate your honesty that you write in your blog. Your other kiddos are adorable!


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