March 31, 2012

3 months on Monday!

So to me 12 weeks doesn't sound that far along but three months sounds like we are getting somewhere so that is what I am going to go with. Another week down and I am so excited. I just want to get far enough along that I can feel my kiddos moving around. I lay with my hand on my tummy whenever I wake during the night, which is quite often, to try and see if I can feel any flutters. Nothing but gas movements so far!

So today we went to Buy, Buy Baby. A baby store we had never been to before. We use to have the most awesome baby store in town that was locally owned and they had everything you could want as far as furniture, bedding, equipment but of course they closed down in time for us to have the quads. It was a rainy Saturday and we needed an outing so it was Paul's idea to head to the baby store. Aubrey wanted to buy everything cute for her baby sisters. Hopefully we have one girl otherwise Aubrey will be dressing her brothers in pink! Natalie needed to turn on every crib mobile and Drew tried out the strollers. The whole process only intimidated me more knowing that we actually will have to get ready and get stuff for these munchkins. But I am so excited that none of this baby stuff will ever find its way into storage again. We will be done with baby gear forever after the little ones and that is something to celebrate!!! A huge garage sale will be had in about two years!

People have been asking how I am doing with the idea of having quads. To be honest I am not so worried about once they are here. I know all you supertwin moms can laugh right now at me but I know we will be able to handle the babies once they are all home. We may be tired, exhausted  and pulling out all of our hairs but we will have some kind of a routine going. I am having the hardest time with the unknown of the pregnancy. When will the morning sickness let up, when will I need to go off work, who will help with the kids, when will my cervix start causing issues, will I know if I am having preterm labor, when will bed rest start, how will Paul and I not murder each other while I am on bed rest, how far can I make it to give these kids the best chance at life? These are some of the issues I am struggling with each day. I hate surprises, don't ask how I can wait to find out the sexes, and am such a planner. The no control aspect of this pregnancy must be a lesson from God. So as long as I can keep checking off the weeks of this pregnancy I can deal with the fact that we are going to have four babies hopefully in August.

And as far as how I am feeling this last week let's just say the throwing up did not correlate to the antibiotics. I am going to leave you with some quotes from our house this week:

*Mommy, do you need a bucket or can you make it to the potty?

*Mommy's throwing up, she needs her privacy.

*Mommy are you going to be okay at work? Yes I will be okay. Do they have a potty you can throw up in? Yes they do. Will you come home if you feel really sick, Yes. But mom who will give the babies their milk at your work if you leave? (loved Natalie's logical thinking in this one!!)

*If you get really sick we can push you around in a wheelchair.

*From Paul: It doesn't matter to me if we go out on Saturday night. I always feel good in the evenings, you don't.

I meet with my ob on Thursday for my first official ob appointment and am looking forward to it. We also have another ultrasound on April 11th, Paul's birthday. But first we must celebrate the fourth birthday of our two favorite girls, Natalie & Aubrey, on Monday! They are so excited and will be even more ecstatic when they see their new bikes and helmets that Grandma and Grandpa Lesnau have gotten them. I can't wait to hear their screams Monday morning. So Happy Birthday Natalie & Aubrey- mom and dad love you with a cherry on top!

12 week belly shot

All seven of my kiddos!!!

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