February 22, 2012

Oh my, Oh my the adventure has begun!!!

Well I never thought that I would be a blogger but here we go. Let me start of by letting everyone know that we are expecting again! We are so thrilled and Natalie and Aubrey can't wait to have a baby sister. Which the odds are pretty good for them to get their wish since we are expecting three little munchkins. Yes, you read that right, we are expecting TRIPLETS!!! We are so very early in this journey but many of our friends knew that we were pregnant and we decided to share the news of the triplets with everyone at the same time.

We are currently 6weeks,4days pregnant and we had our first ultrasound yesterday which showed three beautiful little babies that all measured perfectly. Baby A measured 6w1d with a heart rate of  112, Baby B measured 6w2d with heart rate 124 and Baby C also measured 6w2d with a heart rate of 114.

Paul and I are excited and my mom asked me yesterday if it has hit me yet. Certain aspects of a triplet pregnancy scare me; the health of the babies, being born prematurely, bed rest and fitting 8 people in a 1700sq ft house. But I know that God will take care of these babies and if they are meant for us than everything will work out. Our fertility doctor believes I will have a good chance of carrying these little ones well since I was induced with twins at 39 weeks and had a little over 12lbs of baby and then carried Drew a little past 41 weeks and he was 9lbs6oz. So I will do everything to allow my body to do the best it can. Paul already took away my gym privileges! We have already commissioned Paul's mom to come help us if I am on bed rest once she is done with school on June 1st. Knowing that she will be able to help take care of the kids (and Paul) has taken a lot of stress off me.  As far as fitting 8 people into our house, well its just going to have to work unless someone wants to donate a beautiful home approx 3000sq ft with a least an acre! We already had someone ask us out right if we will reduce and that answer is absolutely not. These children are created and gifted to us by God and that is not our choice to make. Enough said on that matter.

So some of you are wondering how in the world are we pregnant with trips. I will start from the beginning. We have always shared our story but if you don't care to read about it feel free to skip over this part. In 2004 Paul was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 22. Before he started chemotherapy I knew he needed to store sperm because there was a good chance that his sperm would be killed during his treatments and may not come back. So off to the wonderful world of sperm donation he went. The next nine months were spent in treatments which included many weeks of us spending quality time in the hospital during his week long chemo sessions. Finally after nine months of chemo and one month of radiation he was in remission. Now it was time to let his hair grow back and start our family. We never thought it would be three years of trying before we would add to our family. After six months of trying on our own we had Paul's sperm count checked and he had no little swimmers. Off to the land of infertility specialist we went. We tried 4 iui's with no luck and then moved over to IVF. Our first cycle went perfectly. We had lots of eggs that fertilized and boy am I amazed that anyone gets pregnant knowing what has to occur! We put two embryos back inside me and froze the remaining 10 embryos. We got pregnant but miscarried early on. This happened again with our second round when we put back 3 embryos. Our third round we put back three embryos again and were overjoyed when we got the positive pregnancy test and knew our hcg (the pregnancy hormone they measure) level was great. We were blessed with Natalie and Aubrey nine months later. Fast forward a year and a half and we were totally shocked when were found out we were pregnant with Drew. We knew Paul had gotten sperm back but he was told he would never conceive a child because his numbers were so low but I guess someone was bound and determined. We again got pregnant on our own this past September but miscarried at nine weeks. We have had 4 little embryos sitting in a freezer for the past four years. We knew we would try and get pregnant with them someday because morally we could not dispose of them. When we met with the fertility doctor this summer he told us two were good quality and two were not very good at all and knowing what they know now they would never have froze them four years ago. So Paul and I were set. We would put in our two embryos and discard the two non viable ones. This was our plan until the night before our transfer when the nurse called wondering how many we wanted thawed. I told her just our two. She said you have four and I explained what the doctor had told us. The nurse said well I am looking at their pictures right now and they are not that bad of embryos and we have had successful pregnancies with this grade before. Oh great now it was decision time. We spend $500 a year to store these little guys and I don't want to spend that money on two embryos that will probably never result in a pregnancy plus I will never spend another $2100 to transfer bad embryos but I also can not just throw my babies away and not give them a chance at life. So we told the nurse to thaw all and hopefully they wouldn't all thaw...yay right. All four thawed and as the embryologist said "blooming beautifully". Our doctor asked us how many to transfer and he exclaimed you only have a 1% chance of triplets and 0.5% of quads. Okay we have never been great with the lotto so put back all four because those are our babies we are talking about. Not even four days later I was having the same pregnancy symptoms I had with the girls so out came the pee sticks and sure enough two lines appeared! I had to wait another 6 days before getting the official lab test done but I was already nauseous and taking that as a good sign. My numbers were double what they were with Natalie and Aubrey so Paul and I were already thinking twins and in my heart I had the feeling it was triplets because of how fast and furious my pregnancy symptoms had come on. Yesterday morning was full of nerves knowing we would know for sure how many we were expecting. We dropped the kids off at my mom's so she could take the girls to school and off to the fertility clinic we went.  At first I could see one sac with a blop(baby) and another sac that looked empty. I was thinking okay two tried to take but only one made it. Then she moved the wand some more and I saw another sac and now I had no clue what was going on. It was then the doctor said "there is three." If only we could have video taped the look of the doctors face and put it on youtube. She was shocked even though she said she had a feeling it was more than one because of my hcg levels. I started crying right away and Paul just squeezed my hand and didn't say anything. I couldn't believe that at least one if not two of the babies we were thinking about discarding took. I was so happy we gave them the opportunity to grow. On the way out of the clinic we told them that after this pregnancy we are done with them and won't be coming back. We have done a singleton pregnancy, a twin pregnancy and now a trip pregnancy. We don't want to try anything else!

So quick run down on how I am feeling. Well think of morning sickness times three and that is how I feel except it isn't just morning sickness it is all day long. I told Paul I was so excited because I had ten minutes in bed this morning before it hit! I could also sleep all day if I was allowed. Paul laughs because he says I could sleep 12 hours a night and take a three hour nap and still just want to crawl into bed. I only get up from my naps because the girls are bugging me to get up and play. Oh and I will probably be in maternity clothes before the end of my first trimester. Yup isn't that fun. Almost out of my fat girl pants and not even seven weeks pregnant. Now if only I was eating I would understand this weight gain.

I will have my next appointment in two weeks with the fertility clinic for another ultrasound and then be released to my most awesome ob. I will also be seeing a perinatologist pretty early on and he will be my primary doctor for my "high risk pregnancy". He is the same one I saw during Drew's pregnancy for his cleft lip. I will continue to update this blog as a way to keep all of our far away family updated and also to journal this adventure. The thing Paul and I ask for most is your prayers. We know we can not to this without them. We currently ask that you pray that God will allow us to continue to see three healthy heartbeats on the ultrasound in two weeks and that the babies will continue to grow strong and healthy. When we say our prayers at night and get to this part Aubrey always inputs "let the babies grow strong and healthy so that Aubrey can change them." So it looks like we have one helper for that task! 

First picture of the Triplets!!


  1. Well you guys always said you wanted 6! I love you both and the monkeys..even A, B, and C. I can't wait to meet them..maybe not as excited about babysitting, but mom and I will manage. Jess and Jerry may even have to change a baby..or two. I am a very proud and happy aunt because of you guys. So excited!!!

  2. Great news Krista! Count me in for kid duty!! Danette

  3. This is so exciting on so many levels! You are now a blogger! Welcome! And triplets! Amazing! Congrats to you and Paul! You are going to get what you wanted! Amazing family reunions!! xoxoxo I can't wait to photograph your triplet belly sooner than later!!!

  4. I spotted this on Facebook and had to come check out your blog. What an amazing journey, thanks so much for sharing it. I will keep you in my prayers and follow your progress. Take care Krista!


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