December 16, 2014

Forever Captured

Earlier this fall we had our family pictures taken, and even though it felt like we had just had them done yesterday while I was searching for clothing for all 9 of us, it had been well over a year. Last time we took them I had four one year olds trying to escape a wagon and was worried about head injuries; now we had 4 little people going in ten different directions with 2 big girls trying to corral them and then the same 4 toddlers getting upset because someone was trying to pick them up. Good thing daddy had the smart idea to start throwing wipes in the air which was funnier than any comedian on late night. In the end I was a sweaty mess and felt like I had just ran a marathon, which I have never done nor do I ever plan to do, so I am just guessing that I felt the same as I would after 26.2 miles. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I was emailed my link for our slideshow and I saw picture after picture that captured my children in their true form. The amazing Monica once again froze each of our kids personalities and did not include a single picture of a stressed out mom. That is talent!

Now that our Christmas cards are out I will attempt to narrow down my favorites to  just a couple but let's just say I started with over 160 so if I can get it down to 50 that is huge...

We all have days like this. Isabella portrays it perfectly!

The Twins

This one makes me laugh because if you know Rylan you know that he purposefully got into Kenzie's shot just to tick her off.

If a lap is empty there will always be someone who wants to be held. Whether they are 6, 4 or 2 they all love to cuddle.

I often wonder what the boys were saying to each other.

We have never had a daddy's girl like this one is. She loves him with her whole heart.


I never imagined my family would take up an entire road but that said I do see space for 1 more on the far left...

December 08, 2014

Heaven Sent

Brady Joseph Lucchese
December 7, 2014    7:46pm
6lbs 4oz   19 inches

Brady you are a little over 24 hours old and you are loved by so many people already. Yesterday when your mommy called me telling me her water broke I was giddy with excitement. Not only were we finding out who you were but my sister was becoming a mom. As I started driving to the hospital the Christmas song 'Mary, Did You Know' came on the radio and I started crying because all the emotions of knowing what it means to meet your child for the first time came flooding in. 

Oh Brady I can't wait to tell you someday how amazing your mom was as she welcomed you into this world. I have never been so proud of her. Your daddy did a pretty amazing job too! I never thought I would get to witness you being born but it is a moment in life I will never forget. Hearing your mom and dad giggle with joy as they found out they had a son was a sound filled with so much happiness. You were loved while you were in your mommy's tummy but that love multiplied ten fold when they laid eyes on you the very first time. 

Brady you have joined two pretty crazy families but between your grandpas & grandmas, your aunts & uncles and all your cousins you have so many people who will always be there for you. Now the hardest part is going to be figuring out who's turn it is to hold you and I think it just might be my turn...

We love you Brady Joseph

December 05, 2014

A perfect day...well almost

I could make today sound like a perfect family day with nothing but laughs, gorgeous weather and a day we will always remember but it was so far from that kind of day that I would be lying big time. So instead let me start out by saying I got some great pictures so if you have this idea that my kids are always perfect and Paul & I are the best parents then just skip over all the letters on the page and look at the artwork.

A run down of today goes a little something like this: mom drops kids off at school. mom goes to 2 gym classes before I am called because someone has a poopy diaper. kid with poopy diaper did't have poopy diaper but other son did. home for a shower and head back to school to pick up kids. lunch for 7 while waiting for dad to come home from work. mom gets crabby because big girls are a handful. dad arrives home to frustrated wife and this should have been the first clue that my day of making memories was not going to go well.

drive up to tree farm taking 2 cars so we had a place to put our perfect Christmas tree. i took the car with 7 kids with one who screamed the entire way. arriving at tree farm and thinking this was going to be awesome. kids dressed and pictures taken. jeep ride up to drop off area and this is when it all fell apart people. for your information one could not hear a tree drop in the forest today because all they could hear were kids screaming, lots of no's, tantrums being had and parents frustrated with pretty much all of them. it was fun walking through the forest and we will count this as one good memory made. one out of three trees wanted was found and cut. walked and never found the perfect one to surround with presents. jeep never came back up to get us so we carried, pulled and dragged 4 very overtired and muddy kids back to the car.

everyone stripped except mom and dad. snacks handed out. mom took car with overtired kids which means it was not peaceful for anyone who does not understand what overtired, no nap means. quick stop at home for baths, clean clothes and dinner before drew's christmas program. we were that family tonight. you know, the one no one wants to sit by. it was bad folks and i am not exaggerating. kids cried on the way home because cookie privileges had been lost which meant the world was ending. all except for drew who was enjoying his cookie and hot chocolate because he was by far the most well behaved kid of the day so i have 6 kids for sale instead of 7.

kids in bed. muddy clothes in the washer. mom eating popcorn for dinner while we watch a movie. mom also drinking alcohol and who knows in a couple of hours i may be back on here changing my story to; We took a wonderful drive to a local tree farm while singing Christmas caroles at sipping hot chocolate. We then found the most beautiful tree ever while the snow fell lightly and the kids frolicked in pine needles....yup it sounds like a much nicer story to go along with the pictures but hey we live in the real world and sometimes memories are of days that didn't go as planned. 

This may have been the grumpy one in all car rides today.

I spy a tantrum throwing peanut.

a perfect front porch tree. Now we must go parking lot tree shopping for the 2 we need for the house.

Most awesome memory of the day. Rylan was using a stick to saw down a tree with Isabella supervising. 

Love him!!!

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